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                                                                           Address: Institute of Physics,
image               University of Szczecin,
               ul. Wielkopolska 15,
               70-451 Szczecin, Poland.


               tel: +48 (0) 91 444 12 57 (office)

               fax: +48 (0)91 4441226


Hi! This is my official webpage, where you can find information related to my scientific and didactical activities. If you are really in a hurry and your browser allows the popup of new windows, you can click here to read a very short professional profile, which tries to condense everything in a few lines of text.
By the way, if you arrived up to here, may be you are also interested to visit the page of my wife Ewa.

I am a theoretical physicist mainly working in the subject of field theories, with a focus on physical applications. Click here for a summary of my main scientific results. I started studying the problem of computing multi-loop amplitudes in string theory, but currently I am mostly interested to field theretical methods applied to polymer physics. Polymers are almost everywhere in our daily life. For instance plastic, proteins and our DNA are polymers. It turns out that, together with numerical simulations, field theories are one of the main tools in order to understand the behavior of complex systems like polymer systems. This connection of polymers with biological systems has recently triggered my interest in astrobiology and I am now a member of the Center for Advanced Studies in Astrobiology and Related Topics.

I am also a keen teacher. I am currently instructor of the following courses: Astrobiology, Statistical Physics and Theoretical Mechanics

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